SharePoint Online – Change the Title of the newsfeed in the SiteFeed WebPart

My colleague has created our intranet in SharePoint online. Using standard features in SharePoint we wanted to have a Wall feature (like Facebook) where users could post what ever they wanted.

We decided to use the SiteFeed WebPart. This is a WebPart which is unique for every site, using SharePoint list called “MicroFeed” to provide data. This is the same way as the Microblog is used on MySite.

The SiteFeed WebPart looks quite good and it provides all the functionality we wanted for a Wall feature, such as comments, likes, tagging people and other social stuff.

The problem

The SiteFeed Title “Neewsfeed” can’t be changed. This is NOT the title of the standard WebPart control, this is a built in title in SiteFeed WebPart. This title is not hard-coded, but it’s located in a predefined resource, profilebrowserscriptres.resx, which requires hive-access to change. See this blog-post for more information about the resx. Bare in mind that changing the resource will change the SiteFeed Title everywhere.

The WebPart has Chrome Type none by default, which means that the standard WebPart Title won’t be displayed.

Ok, so let’s try first to change the built-in title with JavaScript.

This will change the SiteFeed Title to “The Wall”. A pretty easy way to do it, however this is just a temporary solution.. and why is that?

It seems to be some kind of refresh rate on the WebPart running every one minute, I can’t really figure out what it does because all I can find is a post to /_vti_bin/client.svc and no changes to the feed, all that changes is the SiteFeed Title and it’s renamed back to “Neewsfeed”. There’s of course a post and a response but it hasn’t helped me figure out what’s going on, so I haven’t put so much time into it. But one thing is for sure, it’s NOT the same refresh as if you would click on the SiteFeed Title, which will refresh the whole WebPart.

The workaround

First of all, let’s hide the SiteFeed Title with css.

Second, edit the WebPart properties change the TItle to “The Wall” and set Chrome Type to Title only.

Third, we still want to refresh the WebPart when we click on the new title so we have to make sure that the WebPart Title does the same as the SIteFeed Title. This can be fixed by adding this JavaScript. Simply we will trigger the SiteFeed Title Click when clicking on the WebPart TItle. If you have a global js, this will work on all sites.

Feels like Microsoft is only doing things halfheartedly and unfortunately it’s a common feeling when it comes to SharePoint online. Let’s hope it improves!

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