SharePoint – Create unique permissions on document check in

If you have a metadata-oriented structure in you document libraries, you might want to use unique permissions for each document.
This is NOT a good choice if you use folders. It will create a huge permissions matrix.

I have implemented this at my customer and I haven’t noticed any noticeable performance issues.

Let’s say you create a choice field called “Security class” with 4 choices, “Base, low, medium, high” and you want this to control the permissions for the current document.

  • Base – Base permission, keep inheritance, every one can contribute. <– Default value for the field.
  • Low – Everyone can read, members can contribute, owners and created by has full control.
  • Medium – Members can read, no contributors, owners and created by has full control.
  • High – No readers, no contributors, Owners and created by has full control.

So basically, in your editform.aspx you have a drop-down with these 4 options.



First, create a class that will handle the permissions.